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Walks and Lectures

The videos of the walks will take you around the battlefields. The Ian Knight talks are on the whole of the Anglo Zulu War.


In the museum you have medals, weapons and many artifacts.

The Graphic

Extracts from the Graphic relating to the Anglo Zulu War


Welcome To The Museum.


Welcome to the Anglo-Zulu War virtual museum.

Featuring - Videos of battlefield walks and videos of Ian Knight talking about the Anglo Zulu War.

 I am always on the look out for more items to display so the site will be continuosly changing

The profit from the site is being used to sponsor  the Zulu Village at Rorke's Drift. This is a venture entered into with the Anglo Zulu War Historical Society. A visit to the village was last made in the last week of April 2010..

In the first twelve months a large number of visitors were entertained and the village is starting to show signs of being self sufficient. We do however need more funds to improve the village to be able to make it completely self funding.

 Copyright - No images in part or in full can be taken without the prior permission.

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Sargeants Sword 4th Regt

Sargeants Sword  4th Regt
This sword was standard issue to Sergeants of the 4th Regt.

Medal - Colonial - Durban Mounted Rifles

Medal - Colonial - Durban Mounted Rifles

There were 72 medals issued to this unit.

The unit was mobilised for the Zulu War and operated with the Southern Column  along the coastal road in southern Zululand. The force was engaged in the action of Inyenzane on 22nd January 1879 and proceeded to Eshowe. After a few days news of the disaster at Isandhlwana was received and they were hurried back to Natal and they occupied defensive posts on…
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Medal - Colonial - Cape Town Rifles

Medal - Colonial - Cape Town Rifles
There were only 8 medals issued to this unit.

Warrior Head dress

Warrior Head dress