RORKES DRIFT   by Dr Adrian Greaves               **CURRENT BEST SELLER

  • Author: Adrian Greaves
  • Publisher: Cassell Military
  • Publish Date: June 2002, reprinted December 2002 and June 2003. Paperback August 2003, reprinted March 2004.
  • ISBN: 0-304-35960-2
  • Price: £25 hardback £7.99 paperback
  • Number of Sales: UK 21,200 South Africa 3,650

Review By : Battlefields Review Issue 23 October 2003

Cassell Military Rorke’s Drift by Dr Adrian Greaves contains facsimiles of many important and interesting documents together with maps, photographs, and a comprehensive list of participants and their histories. This book has been hugely popular and although only recently published, it is now in its forth reprint.

For the full 10 page review, see Issue 23 Battlefields Review.

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Review By : Bulletin of the Military Historical Society May 2004

This fine account is described as the first major appraisal of Rorke’s Drift for over 20 years. The author has discovered some unused documents and uses some new archaeological evidence and highlights the ‘less-than-exemplary behaviours of the absent British commanders to cover their appalling mistakes. This excellent book contains much original source information, the medical history of all the wounded, details of medals, lists of participants – there is even some uncertainty over that – biographies, and some valuable appendices which include the Chard and Bromhead reports in full, Col. Glyn’s and Surgeon Reynolds’ reports and that of C/Sgt (later Lt. Col.) Bourne in the form of the text of his 1936 radio broadcast.

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Review By : The Gunner June 2004

This wonderful book.


Review By : Jack Magazine

Highly re commended


Review By : The Victoria Cross Society

Exciting, cleverly detailed and highly readable.


Review By : Prof. John Laband

A wonderfully vigorous account that puts us in the thick of the action, a masterful and exciting work.

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This is the best seller of all Zulu War Books sold during the last five years. Sales world-wide have necessitated ongoing reprints and it has recently been issued in paperback form. Sales continue to be buoyant.

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