Adrian Greaves Isandlwana

Adrian Greaves Isandlwana

  • Author: Adrian Greaves
  • Publisher: Cassell
  • Publish Date: 2001
  • ISBN: 0-304-35700-6
  • Price: 14.99
  • Number of Sales: UK 7200 S A 1800

Review By : Elizabeth Hogan

This is my favourite book about this famous battle. It gives a very clear account of events as they unfurled on the day and then goes on to review what really happened. The book carefully considers the various accounts and then analyses the actual orders given by Lord Chelmsford to his commanders. Adrian Greaves has used the actual orders issued by Chelmsford, later found on the battlefield, to construct the British dispositions at Isandlwana before the Zulus attacked. Most authors, apart from Whybra and Jackson, have completely overlooked these orders and Greaves account is the clearest analysis of why Isandlwana was going to be a disaster even before the Zulus attacked the camp.

Photographs of the actual orders and clear maps accompany the book. Chelmsfords orders to Colonel Glyn, passed on to Colonel Pulleine, were the camp’s death warrant; they took no notice of the Zulus’ skill and tactics. His orders to Colonel Durnford were misleading. Chelmsford later blamed Durnford for the loss of the camp and claimed he had ordered Durnford to take command of the camp. The orders are very clear, he gave no such order. Adrian Greaves deals with this subject, including the subsequent court case, with care and his overall conclusions are the best account available.

This author was specially commissioned by Professor Richard Holmes to write this account, I can see why. Highly recommended.

Thursday 12th of January 2006 08:47:23 PM

Review By : Jocelyn Smith - University of British Columbia

Dr Greaves On a personal note, may I say how much I enjoyed reading your book Isandlwana. My husband bought it for me in London last autumn, after we returned from a group tour of battlefields of KwaZulu Natal. The book is highly readable and informative and it crystallized much of what we had take in while on the tour. You breathe life into history. Again, many thanks. Best wishes, Jocelyn Smith, Secretary History Department University of British Columbia

Thursday 05th of October 2006 12:27:51 PM