A Civil Surgeon

A Civil Surgeon

  • Author: Lewis M Reynolds
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This is the diary of Dr Lewis M Reynolds, a Civil Surgeon on contract to the British Forces in South Africa. His writings start from the time he left England on 16 May 1878 and end with his return on 4 Oct 1879. In addition to his personal account of the Anglo Zulu campaigns, his dairy includes facts and figures about distances, medical supplies and a small diagram about the formation of the Square during the battle of Ulundi.

To this published version of the diary, his Great Grandson has added some London Illustrated Times lithographs (one being a hand coloured picture of the battle of Ulundi), a brief introduction to the campaigns, two maps, a picture of Dr Reynolds towards the end of his life and a picture his South African medal . To order Please Contact; Mrs S Lowe, 19 Blackstone Road, London, NW2 6DA

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