Who's Who of the Zulu War Volume 2

Who\'s Who of the Zulu War Volume 2

  • Author: Ian Knight and Adrian Greaves

Review By : (unknown)

'Who's Who in the Anglo-Zulu War; Vols 1 and 2' by Ian Knight and Adrian Greaves, published by Pen and Sword Books. This pair of books is an attempt to provide biographical information concerning prominant players during the war of 1879. Volume 1 covers the British, from senior commanders like Lord Chelmsford, the major-generals sent out to reinforce him, and his staff down to the VC winners and many officers and men who found themselves rising briefly to prominance or controversy. The books place the events of 1879 within the context of individual careers. Volume 2 covers Colonial and Zulu participation, from major political families, like the Shepstones and Colensos, to people for whom the war was but an interlude, but whose names are nonetheless associated with it - the mysterious Lt Andendorff of Rorke's Drift fame, James Rorke himself, the Rev Otto Witt, and George Mossop. The Zulu section includes well-known figures like King Cetshwayo and his senior advisers, Mnyamana Buthelezi and Ntshingwayo Khoza, but also many who were considered heroes within Zululand but whose lives have not received any biographical treatment so far. These include Mkhosana Biyela - who rallied the Zulu troops at the height of Isandlwana, only to be shot dead in his moment of triumph - or Sitshitshili kaMnqandi, who killed the officers Barton and Poole at the battle of Hlobane, but was later murdered by rebels for being a government collaborator after the Rebellion of 1906. Both volumes are illustrated with portraits, many of them previously unpublished

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